Boxing Bootcamp

Boxing Bootcamp

Boxers, especially new boxers, need to be able to withstand up to 12 rounds in the ring without falling to their knees in the process. It’s very trying and intensive for boxers to survive several rounds while getting hit and defending themselves from their opponent.

A boxing boot camp can help boost a person’s stamina and fitness level, so they're ready to begin training, or step in the ring.

We’re going to be discussing a few techniques that will allow you to successfully withstand the rigorous training of a boxer, and build your stamina and endurance at the same time. This is going to be a very intense workout, and we recommend that you have prior fitness experience before going to these extremes.

36-Minute Rowing Machine / Cross Trainer Hell

You’re going to need a rowing machine, cross trainer or both. I recommend having both available, but this is not realistic for some people. Most gyms will have these available, or you can buy them for your home for a rather affordable price. Keep in mind that I’m going to be alternating between these two machines during this boxing boot camp, but you can use one machine all time if you do not have access to both. If you would like to purchase your own rower then check out if you would like to read some rowing machine reviews.

In fact, if you do have access to one of the two machines, I do recommend either purchasing one of the others or utilizing one of the other machines every once in a while to simply change things up and challenge your body a little bit further.

Are you ready for 36 minutes of intense boot camp?

Note: I chose 36 minutes because that is the time that you will be spending in the ring. You can boost this up to 45 minutes or an hour, but we’re going to stick with 36 minutes right now.

  • Round 1: The first round will consist of 45 seconds each of:
    • Hard left and right uppercuts
    • Shadowboxing
    • Mountain climbers
    • High knee punches
  • Round 2: Jump on your rowing machine and row with zero resistance for three minutes at your highest intensity.
  • Round 3: You’ll be performing the following:
    • 30 seconds of jabs
    • 30 seconds of straight punches
    • 30 seconds of jab crosses
    • 30 seconds of uppers
    • 30 seconds of jab crosses
    • 30 seconds of straight punches
  • Round 4: Jump back onto the rowing machine and put it at a moderate resistance level. Row as fast as possible for three minutes.
  • Round 5: This round should consist of:
    • 90 seconds of jab crosses
    • 90 seconds of 10 second planks (five second rest periods)
  • Round 6: Jump on the cross trainer and choose a high elevation with a high resistance level. Make sure that this is a rigorous round, and that you are exerting a lot of energy.
  • Round 7: Repeat round 5.
  • Round 8: Head to the rowing machine, choose a moderate to high resistance level and row for 90 seconds before getting off and pumping out as many push-ups as possible for the remaining three minutes.

If you are able to make it this far, you’ll need to continue for four more rounds. These will consist of the following:

  • Round 9: Repeat round 1.
  • Round 10: Repeat round 3.
  • Round 11: Get on the cross trainer (no resistance, slight elevation) for three minutes.
  • Round 12: End your workout with a cooldown on the rowing machine for 3 - 5 minutes with little-to-no resistance.

This is a good primer for any boxing boot camp, and feel free to repeat any rounds that you like for up to 60 minutes. Remember to stay hydrated at this time, and to work your way up to the highest elevation and resistance on the cross trainer and rowing machine.